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Specialist Support for Infant Feeding Problems

We're experts in helping parents with breastfeeding & bottle-feeding problems

Our lactation consultants, tongue-tie practitioners & paediatric osteopaths work together to provide effective support for you & your baby
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Why See a Lactation Consultant, Tongue-tie Specialist & Cranial Osteopath?

When breastfeeding problems arise it can be extremely frustrating and upsetting. Parents often feel like they've tried everything but nothing seems to work.


In these cases, it's common that there are underlying issues such as tensions or tongue-tie preventing your baby from achieving an effective feed.


In our combined consultations, our lactation consultant, tongue-tie specialist and paediatric/ cranial osteopath work together to provide an accurate diagnosis, treatment plan and feeding support.


We've seen our combined method of support transform families' breastfeeding experiences. If you're in need of support, please get in touch.



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We're here to help you find the right support for you and your baby

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