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Luci Lishman 


Lactation Consultant & Tongue-tie Practitioner

It’s a joy and a privilege to support you along your feeding journey.

My aim is to use my expertise as a lactation consultant and tongue-tie practitioner to help get to the root of any feeding difficulties you may be experiencing and give specialist, individualised support to help you reach your personal feeding goals.

I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1989 and a Registered Midwife in 1992 and worked for the NHS until 2009, when I decided to devote time to my private practice.
My passion for supporting families with feeding difficulties originated from my experiences with my own three children and my time as a Midwife within the NHS. I had a specialist breastfeeding role which included helping to set up the breastfeeding clinic at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and provide breastfeeding education to parents and staff.

I co-founded Chiltern Breastfeeding Partnership in 2007 when I first qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant to provide flexible private and voluntary breastfeeding support in the community. I also helped to provide breastfeeding training for health visitors in the Buckinghamshire area.
In April 2009, I completed my training to carry out tongue-tie divisions at Southampton Hospital and then offered this service privately for breast and bottle-fed babies with feeding difficulties.
During 2017 and 2018, I worked for Children Family Health Surrey NHS to help their community tongue-tie service and train health visitors to perform the procedure.
I met paediatric osteopath Felicity Bertin in 2012, and she joined me in my weekly assessment and follow up clinic. Here, we discovered how much we could learn from each other and, together, offer a more holistic approach to feeding support. Feeding Content was born out of our desire to reach more parents nationally with this model of support.

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