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Tongue-tie Support

tongue-tie FAQ's

What is a tongue-tie?

"Tongue-tie" is a term used to describe tongue restriction caused by a short or tight lingual frenulum (the membrane and fascial tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth).

Tongue restriction isn't always necessarily a tongue-tie, so we recommend a thorough assessment from an experienced tongue-tie practitioner, lactation consultant and paediatric osteopath.

How can a tongue restriction affect feeding?

For a baby to feed effectively their tongue needs to:

  • Extend over their lip to draw in the breast tissue or bottle

  • Move up and down to form a vacuum to effectively remove the milk and control the flow

  • Cup and spread to sustain a deep and effective latch

If these movements are restricted, then the ability to feed effectively is also likely to be affected. Neck & jaw stiffness after birth can also affect tongue function, so it's important your baby has the right diagnosis.

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